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Friday, December 24, 2010

Shima's Answer to your ITCHY scalps

Well first things first regarding your itchy scalp. Keep your scalps CLEAN!! Nine times out of ten this is the real reason why so many of us experience itchy, irritated scalps. Because we just apply product after product on our hair AND our scalps. Our scalps is where our hair follicles are located and they should be kept PRODUCT FREE so that our scalps can BREATHE. However, this is not the case with alot of us and hence why I am making a post about it. I found a product that has healed my itchy scalp almost instantly and that product is Sulphur  8 (The Medicated One) as there are different variations out there as you will soon realize when you begin to search for this product. I have listed all its benefits and features below: Keep in mind that you will only use this product for Severely, irritated, itchy scalps ONLY. Because if your head just feels "mildly" itchy all it's really begging for is a good shampooing. So if that's the case use my Shima Hair Repair Shampoo (Available at my Official website and use the plastic caps for a good, penetrating treatment  and Voila! Your mildly itchy scalp is gone!

  • Relieves dandruff, itching and flaking
  • Improves hair texture
  • Makes hair more manageable
  • Adds sheen
  • Ideal for natural, pressed and relaxed hair

Moisturizes and softens dry hair and scalp for healthier feeling and looking hair. Relief from tight, itchy scalp and flakes. Restores moistures to both the hair and scalp. Sulfur8 Medicated Anti-Dandruff Hair and Scalp Conditioner makes hair easier to style and you don't have to worry about flakes. Safe enough for hair that has been chemically processed.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shima's Opinion on Rihanna's Red Hot MESS

Now I love me some Ri-Ri but ever since she came out with this red hot MESS I have been shaking my head ever since. She toned it down some with this color but as you can see on the body shot pic it STILL does absolutely NOTHING for her complexion...She looks like she aged a whopping 30 years!! So this brings me to another FACT. If you are trying to go for a bolder new hair color (ala Rihanna) then please try on a wig with the hue you are looking for FIRST. Do NOT go ahead and color your real hair before testing it out on your friends, family and co-workers. Take pictures, film yourself do whatever you have to do to MAKE SURE you don't end up looking like a Carrot Top reject. Sorry Ri-Ri but I'm just keeping it Shima Girl REAL...

THIS is the hair color I Loooooove on Ri-Ri. This dark brown hue brings out her complexion BEAUTIFULLY.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Shima's Buy One Get One FREE Christmas SPECIAL!!! (EXPIRES TODAY!!)

Good morning Shima Girls, just a friendly reminder that my Buy One Get One FREE Christmas Blowout Special ends TODAY, Dec. 17, 2010! So visit my website at to enjoy this UNBEATABLE deal before it expires!!